About US

Founded in 2004, as Tredegar Wargames Club  by Morgan Payne as a school project. Since then it has been the heart of the Blaenau Gwent gaming scene. We've grown as a community considerably from our humble beginings. In 2004 we had just 6 members, we now number in the dozens constantly seeking new members to join our ranks. 

In 2012 We decided to re-invent ourselves to Tredegar Reavers.

In 2014 our name changed to Gwent Reavers Tabletop Gaming Club to greater represent the diverse area our members cover. 

We are still the same club, with a good mix of gamers ranging from tournament goers to beginners there's something for everyone at Gwent Reavers. It's not just Games Workshop Games we play either, for a list of some of the games we play, see Games below.

Whatever your needs, whether you want to do some modelling, pick up a brush and paint or play,  board games too, here at Gwent Reavers we welcome everyone. 

We are very laid back in our approach to games, we don't take things too seriously.

For further information on the club, get in touch. Details as well as location and opening hours can be viewed on the  Contact Us tab. 


Gwent Reavers is proud to be members of the Gaming Club Network    GCN.

  GCN   ID  -  WCW002